How To Login At WWW.MyAARPMedicare.Com

As people get older they tend to get more health problems, therefore having healthcare plans is a priority. For this purpose, MyAARPMedicare Login is quite simple and easy to handle.

My AARP Medicare provides its members with online advantages without any additional charges to utilize them.

My AARP Medicare Login portal makes sure that you can avail the benefits that are offered online. Anyone that has signed up for an AARP subscription is qualified for Medicare offers.

MyAARPMedicare Login Process

In order to sign in to the My AARP Medicare account login, you need to go through the following processes

  • My AARP Medicare Sign Up
  • My AARP Medicare Portal Login

How To Do My AARP Medicare Sign UP and Registration? 

In order to log in and fully access My AARP Medicare offers online you first need to create an online account. For that purpose, you need to follow the following steps.

  • Visit the official registration page @ myaarpmedicare-com/login
  • The registration page will be displayed on the screen
  • Enter all the basic details that are required on the registration form
  • After you have entered all the information with My AARP Medicare Login ID press the Next button
  • Follow all the instructions that are present on the screen in order to complete the signup process

My AARP Medicare Portal Login Process

Once you are done with signing up for your account you can successfully log into your account.

For My AARP Medicare complete login, you can visit the portal to sign in to your new account.

  • Open your browser and visit the official website
  • Once you fill out the information required on the Medicare form you’ll be redirected to the My AARP Medicare Login page
  • Enter all your details including your name to date of birth as well as the other required information
  • Submit a username and password using the form.
  • You can now successfully use that username and password to login at

Once you are able to log in to the AARP United Healthcare Medicare account you can now access the online welfare plans, advantages and programs that are provided by this organization.


MyAARPMedicare Login Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1) How Do I Pay My AARP United Healthcare Bill Online?

In order to pay your AARP United Healthcare bill online, you can consider any of the following options.

Automatic payments– In order to make automatic payments from checking accounts, credit card or debit card you need to sign in to your account. In order to do that, sign up online for your automatic payment through your checking account, credit card or debit card. Go to and log in to your member profile.

You can also make monthly premium payments using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT process) where the payment would be automatically deducted from your account on monthly basis.

Automatic Deduction From Social Security / Railroad Retirement Board Benefit Check

You can also have your monthly premium payments from your Social Security / Railroad Retirement Board benefit check that will be automatically deducted. It is easy and convenient since the deduction happens automatically on monthly basis.

A monthly billing-Another option is turning towards monthly billing. Bill can be paid on monthly basis via mail. Advance payments can also be considered since you can make a payment for the entire year. All you need to do is to submit a bill along with the check whether you do it monthly or yearly through advance payment.

Either of the options is available to you, however, whatever payment method you choose, it would apply to the entire premium. This means that you can’t pay the partial premium with your benefit check and part of it with a personal check.

Q. 2) Is AARP and United Healthcare the same?

AARP is a nonprofit organization that offers medical supplements and insurance plans. These plans are insured and sold by private insurance companies. One of those insurance companies is United Health care.

United Health care is an exclusive insurer of AARP. These private insurance companies help you to limit the costs associated with Medicare Parts A and B by paying some or all of the costs that are not covered by Original Medicare.

These are mostly available to retirees and old people that are enrolled in Original Medicare Parts A and B.

Q. 3) Does AARP United Healthcare Have An App?

Yes, AARP United Healthcare does have an app that is available for free for I phone and android users on the Apple app store and Google play store.

People that are insured in United Healthcare plans can also access the AARP Medicare plans in the United Healthcare app. However, not all United Healthcare plans are supported by the app currently. Moreover, not all features are available for every plan.

Q. 4) Does AARP United Healthcare Cover Eye Exams?

Yes, you may be able to get eye exam coverage through the United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans. This coverage can include vision exams and even allowances for corrective lenses, frames and so on.

Normally the Original Medicare doesn’t pay the cost of your routine exams as their coverage is limited to diagnosis and treatments for eye diseases and injuries.

Though, the United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plan is insured by a private company so it can provide extra benefits like routine eye exam coverage. However, depending upon the plan’s specific benefits you may have to use a network of vision providers in order to access the routine vision coverage.

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